• Protect areas around your building.
  • Prevent collisions with objects not easily seen.
  • Protect pedestrians by preventing vehicle access.
  • Protect utilities, fire hydrants, fuel containers, etc

Our pipe bollards are ready to be cut to length, set, filled with concrete, and painted, or covered.


Rebar (also known as reinforcing steel, or reinforcing bar) is used as a tension device to strengthen and hold concrete and masonry structures.

Our rebar comes in 20′ lengths and in the following sizes:

3/8 #3          1/2 #4          5/8 #5


Provides an easy way to create consistent plaster/concrete depths and reduce stress fractures

Is the perfect tool for creating ornamental and contoured plaster and concrete projects

Expanded Metal: 

3/4 x 9 Flattened 
3/4 x 9 Regular 
1/2 x 13 Flattened
1/2 x 16 Flattened